Monday, December 26, 2011

So Cute...

Love these pictures of Gabriel... Ms. Bus (this is what he calls his bus driver and aide) both blessed him so much for Christmas! We really love them both and have been so happy that God sent them to Gabriel this year. It makes me feel at peace to know that they are really taking good care of him and listening to him while he is on the bus! The gift is confirmation that they are really knowing him and loving him!!! Ms. Bus (the aide) gave him Spider-man 3 DVD special edition and also this really cute Spider-man baseball hat! He was really excited!
I love the baseball hat and think it is so cute on him... but he thought i was crazy posing him and taking did make him laugh though ) He has been having a rough week of these new weird seizures and so it is always nice to see him even through them be able to smile and be filled with so much Joy..that's proof that Jesus is alive and still doing mighty works..even in 2011!!!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

These pictures turned out great! :) Love Gabe so much..Thank you Jesus for always being with Him and giving him such a great personality and influence on others thru all things! You are right Heidi, Jesus is still alive and well!! :)