Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gabriel's fieldtrip to Yankee Candle & CiCi's Pizza

John and I tagged along with Gabriel's class as they went to Yankee Candle and CiCi's pizza for their community outing. We had lots of fun! It is always so neat to see teacher's and aides bring these kids out into the community and support them to participate and enjoy themselves. We are truly BLESSED for these amazing people in Gabe's life!!!
(Above and Below is Gabriel and his best friend Grace)

Gabriel and some of his pals :)
I think he liked this big reindeer!

Gabriel and Daddy with the Nutcracker!
The class thought this was cool because they had just learned about the nutcracker the day before at school!
Let it SNOW! Let it SNOW!!!! We enjoyed the snow show!!!
John and I
Gabriel and Dad
Man! Wish it wasn't so blurry!
All the Christmas trees were so pretty!
Each of the kids got to make their own candles by dipping their candles in different colors!
This lady who worked at Yankee and helped the kids was the most amazing women ever!
She was so sweet and friendly and interactive with each of the kids!!!

Gabriel made a letter "G" in yellow and blue... It is hanging on our tree!!!
The teachers were all excited by all the pretty things to shop and look you can see the kids maybe not soo much! hahaha
Gabriel eating his salad at CiCi's pizza!
They let each of the kids fill their own cups and serve their plates of food!
This always FREAKS me out!!!
I thank God these special teacher are so gifted and patient and encouraging! They learn a lot of social skills and self helps! Gabriel was so excited to serve himself some Sprite!!!
I love him so very much!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

I love this! So cute to see him and grace together another year!!! :)
So glad you guys had a fun trip! How cool for John to be able to go too! :)