Friday, December 19, 2008

Ferry Ride

When anyone visits the kids have a plan of what they want to show them and take when mom was here, they were very excited to take and show her all the places they have been calling and telling her about.Their most favorite thing to do is ride the ferry. It is really cool and PRAISE GOD! Mom thought it was cool too....we had to laugh at her though...we parked on the out went up top deck and looked out over the water and at the birds and then got back in the van and made it to the other side which is Surry Virginia...and started the van up and I said buckle up kids...and mom says where are you going? I said we have to get off and make a U-turn and get back on and go back home..... She thought we just stayed on the ferry and it made a turn or something and took us back!!!! Hahahahahaha...Californians!!!! Just did make me laugh though...I often wonder since then...what she thought the 20 cars behind us were going to do??? Fun Times :)

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