Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Miles of Smiles :)

In the month of November (sorry I have been busy and now trying to go back and see what was good to blog about) The Virginia Living Museum hosted "The Miles of Smiles" event for Special Needs children's and their sibling and caretakers. We all got to go for free...we had never been so it was a neat experience for us all. The kids really enjoyed it...and their favorite part was that they gave each kid a gift back and in the gift bags were Webkins. My kids don't have any and they were so excited!!! I didn't even know what they were or why they were so happy to get them...I have since been educated :) It was a fun evening for us all...Gabriel's favorite part was the "Squeaker" (that's what he calls squirrels) in a cage ( funny since we have a million in our own yard) and the special needs kids and young adults who performed karate show! He said Hi Ya! for many days afterwards :)

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