Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our family began a tradition of decorating cookies on Christmas Eve. We normally do this at Nana and Papa John's house and the kids love it because they know Papa John's very favorite thing in this world besides Tacos and UCLA is cookies! SO we were a bit sad this year as it was the first year we did them with out them. The kids did a great job and they had a lot of fun. They really ended up getting into it. Every that is besides Gabriel..he helped get frosting onto one and i helped him shake sprinkles on it and off he went as he shoved it into his mouth and then he was done. These are the sweet memories as a parent that you Thank God for! I know that it is a treasured moment that I will never forget and pray one day when they grow up and have kids of their own they will remember these traditions and pass them down to their kids and create new traditions. I can hear them now...."when I was your age..." hahahahahaa

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