Monday, May 16, 2011

Gabriel..AKA..."Cat Wrangler"

Here is the "Cat Wrangler" and one of Destinee's little kittens (notice..they still have no names) Gabriel is in LOVE with these kittens...however, he has not caught on that he can not hold and pick them up all the time. He is fixed on picking them up and putting them on his shoulder and expecting them to sit and stay there??? The poor kittens they scratch Gabe all over the place...his face was scratched up last week and now yesterday they scratched his one hand and arm all up and he was bleeding and still just holding on for dear life to the poor kitty. I am praying that he will realize that all these scratches are dangerous and forget this obsession for holding them...I love when he comes down and says "I put your cats in the cage" and the first time I was like "WHAT" and Destinee says to me " He puts them in their cat box!"
Hahaha..he is really kinda funny!
The other day he came down the stairs and this is how he managed to capture the one kitten!

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

TOO Funny!!!!
Love You Gabe!!!
Hmmmm..what will come first, Gabe getting tired of scratches from the cats, or the cats getting tired of scratching? lol