Monday, May 23, 2011

More Than A Movie - Bug's Life

We hold this event called "More Than A Movie" once a month at church for the kids and their families and it also gives the kids a great opportunity to invite their friends to come to church with them! SO last month we did "101 Dalmatians" and this month we did "Bug's Life" and it was lots of fun. Jenice hung green grass skirts and crepe paper so the kids and families felt like they were walking through the grass. Kristen found some really cute bug masks at Target and they were adorable. The whole evening was a BLAST and it was cool to see how God can allow you to invite kids to church for a movie and be able to turn back and teach a Truth about God or about who God has created them to be! This month we were able to teach them just as the ants were being bullied by the big grasshoppers and yet they did great heroic things to save their colony. So too has God given GREAT POWER to even the smallest child to do great and Mighty things for Him!
Destinee, Me and Nathaniel
Me &!!!
I just know she loves spending the weekend with me!!!
Me, Dest, Nathaniel, Jenice and Caleb trying the grass out before everyone arrived
We divided the families up and each one had to choose a bug to act out...we choose to be a caterpillar..I think we ROCKED it :)
I made these cute bags of "sticks in grass" (Pretzels in green shredded tissue paper)
for snack during the movie! Thanks John for your help :)
Jenice made ant hills covered in grass with crawling bugs on top!!
A Really fun night!!!
Now for next month...hmmm.which movie???
Thinking maybe Beauty in the Beast or maybe Toy Story ;)

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ourjoyfulljourney said...

Love these movie nights...So fun! :)
Love the pic of you dest and nathaniel! :) And the one of you and tiff is priceless! LOL