Friday, May 20, 2011

Simply Sweet!

Sometimes I think we over complicate and over "fluff" things and so today I was reminded that sometimes the "simply things" in life can be very sweet!
These are my vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butterceam frosting and sprinkle for fun :)
They are so cute!!
John said they taste like sugar cookies and really enjoyed them...let's see what the kids think when they get home :)
As you can see I finally got my frosting recipe right and figured out what little tip to use in my frosting bag!!! YAY!!!
Having lots of fun...think my mom and aunt Addie would be very proud of me! They use to make some awesome cakes :) The best part of making my own cupcakes and frosting is that i can now stick my finger in it and lick with out them getting mad! lol
Some temptations don't go away :)


ourjoyfulljourney said...

THOSE are AdOrAbLe!!!!! =D

jhb04jhb04 said...

Not only are you are incredible chef, but you are an amazing woman, loving wife and devoted mother! Thank you for everything you do! No words can fully describe how much of a blessing you are to us! I love you!