Monday, October 6, 2008

Destinee meets Brit Nicole

Pastor Tom and I took some of the youth kids out to see Brit Nicole perform. It was so pretty it was out at this State Park and we put our lawn chairs inthe grass thatover looked this lake... Destinee loves Brit Nicole and so this was lots of fun for her...they got to sit and stand right up front row. After the concert they got to get her autograph and take photo with her. Brit Nicole is the one down in front wearing all black giving the peace sign. Destinee is standing right behind her next to Alex wearing the pink sweater. Brit Nicole did an awesome job..she gave a great performance and really ministered to the young girls!
Here is Brit Nicole signing Detinee's Poster :)
Destinee and the youth girls dancing as Brit performed...Check out all their smiles :)

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kristen said...

That's So cool! I didn't know you guys got her autograph and pictures and got to meet her and everything!!! How FUN!!!