Monday, October 27, 2008

PRM Banquet

OK So every time I get an email or call form family or Friends in California they always ask... "So what have you and the Hallmans being doing? Have you guys been having fun?" And so I have to burst there bubbles and their thoughts that we moved to Virginia to hang out and have fun with Tom and Jeanne! I say...we haven't done meetings, church services, church bulletins, organizing the Children's Ministry Rooms, VBS, Outreaches in the community! SO for all of you who are disappointed to hear that it isn't a big Party in Virginia! After 7 months of being here...John and I and Tom and Jeanne( along with our friend the Peds!) finally got to get dressed up and hang out! :) We were invited to Peninsula Rescue Mission Banquet was lots of fun...I had not heard of the PRM ministry before and was blessed to see how they transform and change the minds of so many men who have fallen prey to the world...and now are making "Eternal Decisions" and seeking to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord! So after the dinner was over...we decided to seize the evening and hang out more so we hit the local restaurant and had some nachos!!! It was so nice! You know we stay so busy with church things and being the "Rev" and Ms Jeanne and John and Ms. Heidi ...that it was nice to be "just" friends and hang out!

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Anonymous said...

GROOOOANNN!!! Oh, how I wish it would have worked out that we could come to Virginia! Seeing the pictures of the banquet we missed made me remember all over again that horrible night we were told we werent going! I'm glad to hear you were all so blessed. I've come to realize why I wasn't getting a vision for the kids ministry rooms i was going to do! There's my Hmmmm moment! In God's timing, we will get out to Virginia. I can hardly wait. love ya all, Patti