Monday, October 6, 2008

Nathaniel cooks :)

You know those times that your kids do something and all you want to do is laugh but they are crying and you really need to console them? Well this was the time. Nathaniel attempted to make Cup of Noodles last night...needless to say he forgot to take the plastic off and add water.
So the next thing you know our whole kitchen was filled with this terrible smoke and awful smell ( it still smells today) and Junior runs and turns the microwave off and after we all grab towels and fan the smoke detector so it doesn't go off and wake up Gabriel, and we open all the windows and wait for all the smoke to leave the microwave...this is what was left of his soup! Hahahahahahaahhahahhahaa :) Maybe next time he should ask for help?


kristen said...

That's SO funny! Poor nathaniel, probably wasn't so funny to him at the time....

Anonymous said...

Hey Nathaniel, Jamie just did the same thing only worse! She put a thing of Ramen noodles in the microwave last month and it had foil inside the lid! It clearly said "DO NOT USE IN THE MICROWAVE" and she didn't see it. It caught fire and stunk up our house too! So don't be too hard on yourself! Even adults make mistakes!
Mrs Patti

P.S. Sorry we cant come and see you! I was really looking forward to seeing all my VBS kids again!!! Love you!