Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Making Milk ;)

I don't know about you all...but it seems to me like groceries are becoming so expensive...maybe I am just becoming old and thrifty...maybe I am turning into John's favorite phrase "Cheapest of Cheap!" Anyways, because we have Gabriel on a special diet that really helps him with his behaviors and with a lot of the Autism side effects...we do not give him dairy products...but with John not working full time right now...$5 for half a gallon of rice milk just doesn't fit into the budget.
So what did we ever do with out computers and Internet?? I got online and found a recipe to make rice milk at home....I am now convinced we are truly being ripped off at the supermarket!!! It was so simple and took no effort at all and very few ingredients... 1 cup dry white rice, 4 cups of water and sugar and vanilla if you wish to sweeten it a bit!
It actually turned out :) I was so excited!!!
Destinee and I vowed NEVER to buy Rice Milk in a grocery store again!! hahahahaha
Praise the Lord...Gabriel didn't noticed it was home-made...he drank it up!!!
I think I will start scouting out yard sells for a bread machine....another way for the grocery stores to rip you off!!! Especially when you are buying gluten free/ milk free bread! :)


kristen said...

Great Job! I gotta get a blender so i can do that for zayden now! :)

totaljesusgirl said...

I am serious!! So worth it!!!

barnettblend said...

Whoa, that is so cool.. I can't believe it's that easy.. Did he notice a different taste at all?

totaljesusgirl said...

It doesn't seem to be any differant to him??? He drinks it with no problem :)

Anonymous said...

So what do we need Japanese cows for now? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! COR....NEY!!!! Patti