Monday, October 27, 2008

Nathaniel's fieldtrip to YorkTown Center

Today I got to company Nathaniel's class on their field trip to Yorktown Center (which is normally not a far drive..until you are driving there on a school bus filled with two second grade classes) It was Mine and Nathaniel's 1st time to visit the farm, where you get to experience the life of a Colonial family. I truly believe that if you are a parent of children who "whines" and "cries" and "pouts" and become upset when you ask them to take out the trash or put there laundry away...or any chore in general...allow them to experience Colonial Life! We got to see how their houses were small and mattresses on the floor for children, kitchens were not in the house but behind, they used open fire on the floor to cook, they raise chickens and turkeys and grew crops for food, they had to grind corn to make flour and milk cows to get milk and a don't have time to explain how they get thread to make things! It was very cool though...we got to pick green beans, help get the dirt ready for planting crops, grind corn and make cornbread pancakes( we had to grate sugar from cane and cinnamon from sticks) and we got to pick cotton from the bush...did you know when you pick cotton it has seeds in the middle of it that has to picked and then resown to produce new cotton bushes??? I know we experienced so much more..but it has passed my mind at this moment... Man...the things we take for granted today with microwaves, cars, food already in our markets, clothes beautifully hung in the malls...and we still manage to find something to complain about!

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