Monday, October 20, 2008

Destinee's 1st Junior High Dance

Friday night was an exciting night! Destinee went to her first Junior High School Dance. "WHAT"....where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday she was sitting in front of TV rockin' out to Barney! Anyways...She looked adorable...and she had a great time..she met some friends there and they ate pizza and danced, played dance dance revolution... :)


ourjoyfulljourney said...

She's getting so old :(

barnettblend said...

I agree.. She looks really old in that photo.. :)

lildota said...

OK, Destinee, slow down girl! You wouldn't even be in kids ministry anymore if you were at CCLW! I can't take it! You look so pretty!! I hope you had a wonderful time at your dance. Bet you had the boys lining up to dance with you! Was Junior there to keep them back? Stay the sweet young lady who loves the Lord that I remember. WISH I COULD BE THERE TO SEE ALL OF YOU!!! Miss you so much!
Love ya, Mrs. Patti
Spencer, I haven't forgotten you either! Congrats on joining the school marching band! Man! The whole family will be leading worship one of these days! That's so exciting! Put something up on the blog of you and Junior doing worship with your dad when you can! Keep it up! You da man!!! Pucker....ooops, wrong kid!! J/K!! Love you and miss ya! Mrs. Patti